Dreams are full of so many bizarre and unexplainable things, but some themes recur frequently enough with enough people that they’re worth paying attention to. Knowing what these 10 freaky dreams (usually) mean just might help you make some awesome changes or relieve serious stresses in your life…

Dreams Where You’re Out Somewhere Naked

According to one dream expert, dreaming that you find yourself naked out and about somewhere in public simply means you’re feeling vulnerable or anxious about something. These dreams often happen during times in your life when you feel like all eyes are on you… Could be a big presentation you’ve got coming, a public speech, or a job interview.

If you have a dream in which you find yourself naked and exposed, do something to help you with your confidence. Go through your presentation until you’re more comfortable with it, role play job interview questions, or stand in the mirror and give your speech to yourself!

Dreams Involving Dying

According to columnist Lauren Lawrence, dreaming of dying isn’t always a bad thing. Usually, these dreams just mean there is something in your life that deep down you’re ready or needing to get rid of. Maybe it’s a bad relationship, or a job that has run it’s course.

If you keep having dreams involving dying, do some heavy journaling and figure out what exactly it is that your mind is telling you to let go of.

Dreams in which You See Someone Who Died

When you dream about someone who has already died, it often simply indicates that either you have a hard time letting things go, or you have a fear of your own illness or death that is affecting you more than you might think.

If you have recurring dreams about those who have died, it may be really helpful to go see a counselor to help find closure for it.

Dreams In Which You’re Being Chased

These dreams are very common, particularly among women. They can be terrifying and cause you to wake-up with a pounding heart or even sweaty. According to one dream expert, these dreams simply mean that you are afraid of confronting something, big or small, and so you keep running away from it.

If you have dreams where you’re being chased, do some journaling and figure out what it is in your life that you’re afraid of confronting and go confront it!

Dreaming About Missing an Important Event

These dreams, while simple and almost comical in hindsight, are actually quite terrifying. To dream that you’re late for something major coming up, or that you’re racing to still get there, or that you missed it all together simply means that you’ve taken way too much on in your life, and you need to shed some of the excess. Deep down, your brain feels like it’s so busy it will miss the good stuff to come.

These dreams are often had by those who can’t tell others “no,” those who take too much onto their plates, and those who need to cut some of the excess out before they quite literally miss out on a lot of good things.

Dreams About Being Trapped

Yet another scary dream a lot of people have is the dream in which they’re trapped. They might be trapped in a small jail cell, or in a dark enclosed space. Claustrophobic people will have these dreams simply to help them deal with their claustrophobia, but others will have these dreams when they feel trapped-in by certain aspects of their life. Examples include school, a job, a friendship, a relationship, or anything else.

If you’re having dreams where you’re trapped somewhere, journal away and be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling trapped, then summon the courage and do something about it. If that’s too hard because you feel too trapped, go see a therapist who will have good advice on how to get yourself out of it.

Dreams Where Your Teeth Fall-Out

Dreams where your teeth fall out are actually very common. Deep down in our sub-consciences, teeth symbolize power and confidence. That means if you’re dreaming that your teeth are falling out, you likely feel like you’re losing control of something in your life.

This is another dream that should get you journaling about work, school, and home life to see where your lack of confidence seems to be so that you can work on strengthening it.

Dreams in which You’re Falling

Most of us have had a dream in which we are falling. Dream analyst and psychologist Lauri Lowenberg says that “dreams about falling are a huge red flag in your subconscious and can indicate a big or overwhelming problem at work or at home.”

If you’re having dreams where you’re falling, especially when those dreams are terrifying enough to wake you up, you should do some heavy journaling and go see a therapist who will help you figure out your overwhelming problem a lot quicker than you probably will on your own.

Dreams Where You Get Injured

When you have dreams in which you’re getting injured (such as a broken bone, a nasty fall, a painful slip on the ice, etc), it usually reflects some sort of weakness in your life. Generally these dreams mean that there is a part of your life which needs more outside support because you know you aren’t strong enough on your own.

If you find yourself having injury dreams, journal to find the root of the weakness and seek out support so that you don’t feel like things could “break” at any moment.

Dreams in an Out-of-Control Vehicle

Some people have dreams in which they’re driving or riding in an out-of-control vehicle. As you may have guessed on your own, these dreams also mean that something in your life feels out of control.

If you’re having these dreams, journal until you know what it is, and then take back some of the control you should have over it.

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