The people you’re stuck with 8+ hours a day can really make or break your job. Heck, some people even stick with a job they hate, because they love the coworkers with whom they hate it. So here’s to the coworkers, the commiserators, the friends, and the people who make our jobs bearable.

16 Memes to Send to Your Favorite Coworkers

Yeah, you may wreak havoc the whole time, but you guys always come out on top and so much closer.

That beautiful moment when everyone just…clicks.

Jobs can get really boring without the crazy awesomeness that our favorites bring to the table.

A shift without you is a shift wasted.

The number one trick to making friends at work.

But the work is that much better when it’s finally finished because teamwork makes the dream work.

Sometimes they leave us, and even though we’re happy for their new opportunity we know we can never be replaced.

Gotta keep yourself entertained somehow!

Because meming coworkers are the best coworkers. Who needs inspirational posters anyway?