The sun is warming the air, cute baby animals are filling our news feeds, and school is almost out. Spring and Summer are truly glorious seasons…unless you suffer from seasonal allergies. We feel ya, just like you feel the effects of Benedryl combined with an intolerable pollen count. Bless you.

17 Stuffy Memes All About Allergy Season


This doesn’t seem like the best idea, though it could be a fun one. No heavy machinery for you, though.


Is this a David and Goliath situation? Is that what’s up? Or are they just small enough to trip up the system?


OTC Drug-induced naptime! We’re sold.


Rumor has it breathing is good for you. Too bad your body has decided it’s unecessary now.


Take my money!


No really, it’s not that bad. We don’t need to breathe or see anyway.


For real, though. It’s a perfectly good makeup day ruined by pretty flowers.


Just sayin’…


Can you breathe right now? Do you have any idea how lucky you are?