18 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

Have you ever read an article on Wiki-How? If you have, you’ve almost certainly noticed that their illustrations are less than illustrious…

The subreddit Disney Vacation is an ever-growing, comprehensive archive of wiki-how’s most poorly drawn images, complete with new titles that will make you bust your gut laughing!

Please enjoy these 18 all new out of context, poorly drawn wiki-how images.

18 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

How to Assemble a Crew for Your Ship

How to Audition for the Role of the Villain in Emoji Movie 2

How to Become the Dominant Personality After a Battle

How to Calm Your Child Down as Your Wife Does Eyelid Surgery on Them

How to Deal with Your Noisy Dick

How to Decide Which Carpet Matches Your Drapes

How to Dispose of your Mother-in-Law’s Cooking

How to Summon the Spirits of the Dead

How to Talk your Friend out of Shaving her Head and Getting a Skull Tattooed on the Side of it