Puns should be a regular part of your day. Even the groan-worthy ones elicit smiles and brighten crummy moments. If you’re the jokey type, you might even wear a pun as a tee.

Here are some of the best puns that double as T-shirts, all from independent companies on Etsy. (We love supporting the little guys out there, and we don’t make any money sharing these with you.)


18 Genius Puns That Double as T-Shirts

#1: The Legend of Zelda

If you know a gamer nerd, this shirt will make them blissfully happy. They also have plenty of other options for the inner nerd in all of us. The Goose Tee is a popular shop on Etsy and they regularly run good deals. GET IT.

#2: Cereal Killer

Do you know someone that could eat cereal three times a day? This shirt might be the perfect gift for them or at least encourage some laughs. The Last Earth Clothing company on Etsy has plenty more quirky designs, and they’re based in California. GET IT.

#3: Beet the System

Who better to create a beet tee than the Queen Beet Designs store on Etsy. They have several funny veggie shirts, and this one doesn’t disappoint. GET IT.


#4: Mountain Biking

Maybe this isn’t a pun exactly, but we love the very literal humor of this t-shirt company, Esparaosa. It’d be great for a biker. GET IT.

#5: Intended Puns

Sometimes a simple design is all it takes. And really, is there any other way to have puns? Intended is the best way possible! GET IT.

#6: Poe Boy

This is a genius mixture of two classics. They have lots of other funny novelty t-shirts, and they are based in Washington. GET IT.

#7: Stay Sharp

It doesn’t get much cuter than a hedgehog in glasses. Maybe this is destined for the smart cookie in your life. Le Trango is based in California and claims their designs are “illustrated goods for silly people.” GET IT.


#8: My Head Tomato

Here’s another good tee company that has plant-based puns and humor. Planteeful is the company (they even have a pun in their company name), and they’re a plant-based company out of Canada. You might need to look for their “Every day I’m Brusselin” shirt, too. (Spoiler alert, it has Brussels sprouts!) GET IT.

#9: Should Eggo?

This shirt from UberThreads is for both fans of Eggo and The Clash. You probably get bonus points if you wear it while listening to the popular song. GET IT.