It’s a blessing and a curse. A pleasure and a pain. A joy and a drag. It’s homeownership…and we feel ya, friends. So, in solidarity, we did how SDL do, and we compiled a list of memes that sum up the worthwhile struggle all too well.

18 Images That Perfectly Sum Up Homeownership

By “around the house,” they mean “around the home goods and home improvement section.”

Oh man! Bad Luck Brian doesn’t even get a break once he grows up?! Poor guy…

It’s not inaccurate…

Nothing feels quite like figuring out how to fix something yourself! Especially if you can save a few hundred (or thousand) bucks.

Bless their hearts…someone’s gotta do it (or so they tell themselves).

It’s honestly one of the best feelings on the planet. It’s yours. The buying process is over. You’re a grownup now.

Let’s be real, there’s nothing YouTube can’t solve.

The next best feeling after getting the keys.

Practice makes perfect!