It’s a universal truth often ignored that we’re all just big kids; only our bodies really seem to age. Well, we’ve found a handful of the oldest kids who never let their age get in the way of living out loud. So even among all the adulting you’ve got to do today, don’t forget to take a couple minutes to not act your age. Because that’s boring.

18 “Old” People We All Aspire to Be When We (Never) Grow Up


This guy doesn’t even let age define his body, let alone his mindset.


It’s probably a good thing most guys don’t have the stones to wear this everywhere, but hey…when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.


Most of us can’t even do this as teenagers or young adults, let alone when we’re old. You go, girl!



If this isn’t bad-ass, what is? Any chances she’s a retired investigative journalist?


If you know the kids’ menu has a coloring page or the restaurant has a paper table cover, you ask for those crayons. You know you want to.


Hey, we’ve all thought it.


Every girl at Coachella has got to be throwing the most envy-filled shade at Grandma right now. Rock on, G-ma, rock on forever!



The coolest weirdos always find each other. Always.


Most kids can’t even pull this off. The wisdom and experience in this man’s mohawk are unmeasurable.