We’re so inundated with sexual innuendos and slang on a daily basis that even the most innocent words sound like something you’d hear in an X-rated movie. But, hey, who doesn’t enjoy some good word play from time-to-time? Take a peek at the list below. We think the sound of these words could make you blush a little.


18 Harmless Words That Sound Like Pure Filth


Oh, I know. How could this one not be dirty, right? Actually, vagitus is defined as the first cry of a newborn baby. Bet you feel disgusting now.


Hopefully you’re not too familiar with this one. Angina isn’t dirty at all. Instead it is chest pain or discomfort caused when your heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood.


What you see here is the chemical composition of diquat. Not dirty all. Well, kind of dirty considering it’s an herbacide that causes leaves to fall of of plants.


Parents will likely recognize this one. Maybe you even chuckled at the name of the illness you’re child was diagnosed with. Coxsackie is actually a virus that can cause blisters on the hands, mouth, and feet.


Nothing like playing some cornhole in the yard. Oh, don’t be silly. Cornhole is the fancy name for bean bag toss!


This one may come as a surprise, but formication is actually the sensation of bugs crawling over your skin. Gross.


Want to play badminton, you’ll need a shuttlecock, otherwise known as your birdie! No, it really doesn’t sound good though.


A little bit of an accent can make an innocent thing like creating watertight seams around your sink or bathtub sound like something else entirely.


No matter how you slice it, a piano player is always going to sound a lot like a phallus.