Gift subscription boxes are truly the gift that keep on giving, and giving, and giving. When you sign someone up for a multi-month gift box, they’ll be thinking of you each time it shows up on their doorstep. While you’ve probably tried or heard many of the mainstream subscription boxes out there, here are a few additional ones flying under the radar that we think are worth checking out.

Disclaimer: All opinions are our own. We receive nadda, nothing, zero from these if you decide to try one.


Awesome Gift Subscription Boxes

#1: When You’re a Freak About Bacon

It’s not the only bacon-of-the-month option out there, but it definitely has one of the best names. You can choose from 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions, ranging from $150 to $500. (Hey, meat isn’t cheap!) LEARN MORE.

#2: When You Have a Thing for Serial Killers

True crime is taken to a whole new level with the subscription box, Hunt a Killer. You get a new box each month with clues to help you solve a crime. The subscription ranges from $30 for a month-to-month or $25/month when you pre-pay. Your inner CSI will be thrilled. LEARN MORE.

#3: When You Love Trying New Wine

Why are tiny bottles of booze so appealing? With Tasting Room, you get miniature wine bottles delivered each month so you can taste before you commit. The best deal Tasting Room offers is their gift option where recipients get six mini bottles to start with. Then they choose their favorite two to get full-size bottles, all for about $40. Sorry in advance for the states that can’t accept wine shipments. LEARN MORE.


#4: When You Believe in Hygge

Are you on the hygge bandwagon? Basically it relates to comfort, cozy, and content–so it has to be good, right? Hygge Box promises to deliver coziness and happiness in a box. Expect to receive candles, tea, hot cocoa, and other comforting snacks. It runs around $30 a month. LEARN MORE.

#5: When You’re Proud to Be Bizarre

This subscription box, Unboxing the Bizarre, celebrates weird and offbeat holidays. You’ll never know whether you’re going to get something to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day or May the Fourth Be with You. But it’s a great box for risk-takers. It starts at $20 and goes up from there. LEARN MORE.

#6: When You Like Coffee and Vinyl

Turntable Kitchen has some quirky gift subscription boxes, including a coffee and vinyl pairing. You’ll get (as you probably guessed) some coffee, along with a 7-inch vinyl to help you start your day. You’ll pay $25 a month. LEARN MORE.

#7: When You Like to Snack

Graze is like the alternative to the more expensive (but still fabulous) NatureBox. The portions are smaller, which can be good and bad. Good if you just like to try before you buy. But bad if you find something you like and you want more. (No worries, they’ll upsell you for that.) It starts around $12 per snack box, which includes eight healthy snacks. LEARN MORE.


#8: When You Enjoy Fun Socks

There are a surprisingly large amount of “sock-of-the-month” programs out there, so know that you have lots of options for your footsies. Sock Fancy is definitely one to check out, which starts at $11 a month. LEARN MORE.

#9: When You Love Your Pooch

Here’s another category that is flooded with competitors. Just do a quick Google search, and you’ll find a LOT of dog subscription programs, including ones for puppies, heavy chewers, and even eco-friendly ones. The Dapper Dog Box starts at $30 a month and includes adorable wearables like bow ties. LEARN MORE.