If you live with a tiny human, you understand the chaos that can come in such a small package. Toddlers are adorable, but they’re also havoc-inducing hurricanes. They’ll do things that will leave us parents wondering what we’re doing wrong. Here are 18 things your toddler does that leaves you questioning…”but why?”

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18 Things Your Toddler Will Do That Will Make You Question Your Sanity

#1 Face Painting

Kid facepainting
Because obviously painting your face makes you look like a zombie. On the bright side, you may have a future makeup artist on your hands.

#2 Baby Powder Explosions

Kids create baby powder explosions
Why? Who knows why. It’s fun to make Mom cry?

#3 Cleaning, In Reverse

kids make a mess
Have you ever walked around the house cleaning up toys, just to find a small person dumping out everything you just put away? Yes, that’s life with a toddler. Feeling insane yet?

#4 Run Into The Street

Busy Street- Toddler Insanity
Because he’s a “big boy” and can obviously navigate large intersections without you. Duh!

#5 Poop on the Floor

kids poop on floors
Puppy. Toddler. Pretty much the same thing. Expect feces all over the place. Ok, we know what you’re thinking. “Oh, maybe he couldn’t make it to the potty?” Wrong. How about this: pooping on the floor is funny. Didn’t you know that?

#6 Pull a Houdini

toddler escapes crib
“I swear, I just turned my head for a second.” A second too long, fool. Toddlers are fantastic escape artists!

#7 Nerf Gun Wars

Nerf gun wars
Toddlers and Nerf guns don’t exactly gel, but little boys simply adore them. You know what they love even more? Shooting you in the eye while you’re cooking dinner. Now who doesn’t like dodging bullets all night long?

#8 Un-Fold Your Laundry

Toddler Hate Folded Laundry
Oh, you just folded that giant pile of clothes on the bed? Great, they’ll throw them off and roll around in them.

#9 Convert the Bathroom into a Small Swimming Pool

bath time with toddlers
Bath time can be joyous for parents, especially if it means you’re one step closer to getting your little one off to bed. However, toddlers interpret bath time as an opportunity to pour buckets of water out of the tub. But I mean, how else would your bathroom (or entire house) get mopped every night, right?.