Whoops! Yesterday was National “I Forgot Day”! So, we put together a bunch of memes for all us bad-memory folks to come together over. The best part is, even if you’ve seen these before, the blessing of a poor memory is that we get to enjoy things more than once!

19 Bad Memory Memes We Forgot to Post for “I Forgot” Day


…it probably wasn’t important…right?


This is more accurate than we’d care to admit.


You know what they say about ignorance and bliss.


We can say from experience that, we know we have a bad memory. It’s frustrating.


Thanks, Dory, for making us look like elephants in comparison!


Whoopsie daisy! You didn’t really need that anyway, right?


We have no doubt the original thought was hilarious and too good for this world.


We know you do, buddy. We understand.


Right?! Life can be so much more enjoyable!