20 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

Have you ever read an article on Wiki-How? If you have, you’ve almost certainly noticed that their illustrations are less than illustrious…

The subreddit Disney Vacation is an ever-growing, comprehensive archive of wiki-how’s most poorly drawn images, complete with new titles that will make you bust your gut laughing!

Please enjoy these 20 out of context, poorly drawn wiki-how images.

20 *All-New* Hilarious Out of Context Wiki-How Images!

How to Safely Make Meth

How to Seduce a Roman Emperor

How to Show the World You’ve Been Possessed by a Demon

How to Snoop Through Your Partner’s Browser History

How to Speak Scribble

How to Spice up a Vanilla Marriage

How to Swiftly Perform a Silent Takedown on Yourself

How to Talk to the Hand

How to Taste Your Own Body Odor

How to Telepathically Communicate with Your Mechanic