20+ Misleading Packaging Designs That Will Enrage You

We all know companies will do anything to save even a few cents. Misleading packaging is just one of the ways in which we’re duped by big corporations – it happens so often! From the irony of buying scissors in packaging that needs scissors to open, to a TON of empty space inside packages… Here are over 20 infuriating examples of misleading packaging and product design. Try not to cuss! All of these awful designs, and many more, can be found on the subreddit Crappy Design.

20+ Misleading Packaging Designs That Will Enrage You/h2>

“Jumbo” Shrimp

64 Shades of Orange

A Dangerous Game to Play

AA or AAA? Make Up Your Mind!


Single Berry Loaf

Canada isn’t America

Make Sure to Read the Label CLOSELY

Crack Open a Cold One


Deceiving, to Say the Least

This Gummy Bear Cup

Oh, the Irony

*When Cut