20 MORE Pictures That Will Make You Say “Hmm…”

Have you ever seen an image so bizarre, so truly jarring, that all you can do is sit back and ponder? That’s exactly what’s in store for you with this post.

“Hmmms” are images that invoke a deeper meaning, make you think about the context, do a double-take, or just leave you thinking.

Here are 20 MORE of the strangest, most perplexing images that have ever been uploaded to the world wide web. Enjoy the Hmmms!

20 MORE Pictures That Will Make You Say “Hmm…”

Baphomet Barbie

Batman Now Pronounces You Man and Wife…

Now Those Are Some BIG Toes

Plug In

Repurposed Monitors

Cone Tree

A Traitor…

Must’ve Had Taco Bell for Lunch

Gone Fishin’