Sometimes you have to wonder if lawmakers get bored every once in a while, or if they just want to shut a couple whiners up. Either way, the outcome is often pretty entertaining for the masses. With help from our friends at here are 20 odd laws from around the world.

20 Odd Laws Around the World We Want Stories Behind


Did the government find a loophole, or open a bunch more up for the prostitutes?


Singapore: Keeping it classy one elevator at a time.


That’s it. We’re moving to the UK…that just sounds fun. Jk jk…mostly.



Great for the lady dogs, but those poor boy pups.


Well there goes our New Year’s Eve plans.


But they have the freedom to blow off their hands the other 51 weeks!


Sorry, Scotsmen. This post just isn’t great for you.



Is this a fashion law or a safety hazard?


They’ll never know the joys of Pacman, but at least their homework will get done.