Being sorry (not sorry) goes way back, way before Demi Lovato decided to turn the phrase into a cultural zeitgeist by way of her popular song. And while it can be grim when someone should be sorry but isn’t, these apology letters are so unapologetically not sorry that they are hilarious. So next time you have to make an apology, maybe try and do better than these 20 note apologizers who just got it all wrong.

20 Of The Funniest Apologies From People Who Weren’t Sorry

#1: For Times When Your Fridge Becomes a Doctor’s Office

#2: For When They Seem Better Off Than You

#3: For When Your New Martial Arts Moves Go Awry

#4: For When You Messed Up Your Friend’s Sheets and Didn’t Bother to Change ‘Em

#5: For When Horse Play Gets Real

#6: For When You’d Really Rather Send Out the Goon Squad

#7: For When You’re Just Trying to Help Your Friend with Her Diet

#8: For When You Get That Sugar Rush

#9: For When Your To-Do List Was Just Too Long

#10: For When Those Poop Sweats Hit at Work