A random funny text to a stranger got me to thinking… What would other random strangers reply if they got a random text from an unknown number. As you’ll remember from my past “Wrong Number” posts, all sorts of responses start coming through, and some of them are incredible…

306 wrong numbers. That’s how many texts I sent this time around, all with the same upbeat and positive message: “I can’t help but think you’re an incredibly amazing and wonderful person. Just sayin’.”

To complete this task, I chose known prefixes for cell phones in my area, and I sent the message out to all 306 people (a labor of love which took a couple of days).

Most of those I sent it to either didn’t reply or simply told me I had the wrong number. This screen capture (from the first Wrong Numbers post) pretty much sums up those ones:

85% of replies:


Some replies were a little (or a lot) more incredible, hilarious, or powerful than that.

Here is another batch with 21 of them, which I thought were the perfect mix of responses. Oh, and sorry the text is a bit pixelated on some of them. I made a boo boo when processing the batch.