We love to hate ’em and hate to love ’em. They know where all our buttons are and how to get us to react to even the smallest of nuisances. They know exactly where we’re ticklish and where we’re most sensitive. But they also have our backs like nobody else ever could. They know our triumphs and our heartbreaks, our pet peeves and our greatest loves.

And if anyone ever comes at you, they’re gonna get it.

22 Pics for Anyone That Loves the Crap Out of Their Bro


Seriously. They eat everything.


Thick or thin, rain or shine, mom or dad, brother is there for you. He’s got your back.


That moment when you both grow up and realize your biggest “enemy” has been your best friend the entire time.


If he’s never licked you randomly or given you a wet-willy, is he even your brother?


By Grapthar’s Hammer, you will be avenged.


The feeling of excitement is real when he walks through the door…and you know you’re going to pretend his presence is the biggest drag. Or attack him. Or hug him. Sometimes you don’t even know until it’s happening.


You know you’ve both made this pact about the zombie apocalypse.


They’re just compensating for the love they don’t know how to process.


Brother can mean whoever you want, however you want. If you got that brother bond, you know it.


Like you even care. You won. You get to hold on to that forever.


Well, like, they are…but they’re also this.


We’ll never admit that we’re watching their every move, learning from their every mistake and triumph. We just mock them as relentlessly as they mock us. But they know.