#13: Depends on the Time of the Month

#14: Just Trying to Beat Their Competitors

#15: Bill Just Spitting Rhymes

#16: Starbucks Employee Fail

#17: No Ragrets, Am I Right?

#18: iPhones Making Us Racist

#19: No Need to Bundle Your Ass Today

#20: If I Get Towed Twice Do I Get $100?

#21: So Close Yet So Far

#22: Hope This Isn’t an Indicator of Things to Come

#23: Ronald McDonald Battling Violence in Old Age

#24: I Like My Family Too

We know life is busy and that proof-reading sounds so lame, but next time you are sending out a message to the world, whether it is from the tip of your finger in an iMessage or from a public advertisement, get a proofreader. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did!