25 Groan & Eye-Roll-Worthy Puns and Jokes to Tell At Your Next Holiday Party

The annual office holiday party can be hit or miss, but let’s be real: there’s usually a little more “miss” than “hit.” Spread some joy so corny it’s practically popping by having fun with an array of puns and giggle-inducing jokes. You can turn your office into an epic Winter Punderland by keeping a few of these in your head for your (probably) awkward holiday party.

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25 Corny Festive Puns and Jokes to Keep in Your Back Pocket Every Office Holiday Party

#1- The Jesus Pun

#2- The Hip-Hip Joke

#3- The Germaphobe Joke

#4- The Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Joke

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#5- The ‘Yonce Pun

#6- The Snowman Joke

#7- The Wonderfully Trashy TV Pun

#8- The Star Wars Joke

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#9- The Christmas Day Pun

#10- The Selfie Pun

#11- The Fireplace Joke

#12- The Seasoning Pun

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