Your best friend – You love ’em. You can’t live without ’em. They’re with you when you laugh and when you cry — when you celebrate and when you mourn. They’ll help you move into your new place, then help you trash it. They’ll laugh at you when we fall but always help you back up. They’re your soulmates and your heart. They’re your middle finger in the air. They’re ofttimes closer than family.

They’re your best friend.

And they deserve memes.

33 Memes for Your Best Friend

Even if you hate phone calls, you’re always excited when you see their name pop up on your screen.

This is when hugs are so epic they knock the receiver to the ground.

You guys are on the same brain wave all day, er’rday.

It really is the kind of love that brings you to tears.

If you and your BFF don’t insult each other constantly, are you really BFFs?

No questions asked. Except, ya know, “Can we stop at Taco Bell?”

Dear Best Friend,

The Best Friend Banter betwixt these two is admirable and goal-worthy.

That poser will never make you laugh like like we do.

Because you have a telepathic bond few understand.

If you guys don’t confuse everyone around you, you’re doing it wrong.