The world doesn’t deserve puns. Whether you think of that as puns being a reward or punishment, you know it’s true.

For better or for worse, puns have gone visual. On behalf of the dad-humored masterminds behind these images, you’re welcome.

See if you can figure out what these are before you read the caption at the bottom!

25 Visual Puns the World Doesn’t Deserve


Ball Point Pen.


A Salt and Battery = Assault and Battery. One is illegal while the other is just a weird combination.


3D Printing at its finest.


Road Ahead Closed: Bear Left.

Bear Left, as in turn left. But ya know…bear left.



Pretty sure whomever made this is a bone-head


Brain washing…brain washing. Some of us could use a bit of the latter, what with how much time they spend in the gutter.


“Sweetie, look! A Butter Fly!


This cat a$$ trophy is a catastrophe.



Holy cheese-cake, Batman! What…too cheesy?


We may be stuck in close quarters, but we’re $.50 richer!


Don’t be so crabby, Crab Apple!


Eye Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!