You can easily lose yourself in the hashtags of Instagram. There are so many great hashtags out there to explore and enjoy. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with other people. But what about those hashtags or photos that you wish you can unsee? We have a few of them right here for you. #YoureWelcome.


25 Weird Instagram Hashtags You Wish You Could Unsee

#1: #ThingsYouWishYouCouldUnsee

Even if you have adventurous eating habits, this one might make you pause. Don’t look too closely.

Via: Lil_Mama_Nelms

#2: #GrossFeet

Some people are into feet, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But these bruised toes will make you grimace in pain.

Via: my2017inphotos

#3: #DogCone

Seeing a dog trapped with a cone around its head is one of the saddest things ever. This family at least tried to make the most of the situation and add a few festive decorations.

Via: mrhenrybwelsh

#4: #Arachnophobia

Sorry in advance for all the spider haters out there. If you come across this hashtag, you’ll definitely wish you hadn’t. There are lots of tarantulas to be seen with this one.

Via: tarantula.daily


#5: #BrokenBone

If you think this photo is bad, then you do NOT want to further investigate this hashtag. This is one of the less gruesome ones.

Via: hand_doc_htx

#6: #DoubleJointed

This one will make you do a lot of cringing. Ouch! How do they do that?!

Via: Rubyeyelashes

#7: #AfterSex

As you might imagine, you’ll find some questionable pictures among this hashtag, but for the most part, it’s just bizarre.

Via: josebatm

#8: #BackPiercing

Even if you have no problem with piercings, the hashtag on back piercings just might make you squirm. Ouch!

Via: Inks_n_Things


#9: #IngrownToenail

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing an ingrown toenail for yourself, then never fear! Just search up the hashtag, and you’ll have plenty to choose from.

Via: podologiaaviona

#10: #GlitterBeard

Here’s another trend that’s spreading good cheer around Instagram. Search the hashtag, and you’ll find many many glitter beards to entertain you.

Via: zacherymiller

#11: #Sunburnt

This photo will instantly make you feel warmer. Get some aloe on there ASAP!

Via: andrewilescomedy

#12: #SnakesofInstagram

Why yes, that is a snake having some dinner. If snakes give you nightmares, then stay far away from this hashtag.

Via: bitiscollector