With the always-connected Internet age we live in, there’s a good chance you’ve come across some pretty unbelievable finds at some point or another that are more than worthy of a double-take. When something is so outlandish, absurd, or mind-boggling, it can only be described as completely outrageous. In the rare case you haven’t felt a sense of “wtf?!” yet today, enjoy these outrageous images that just might break your brain.

27 Outrageous Photos That Will Make You Say — WHAT THE!?

#1: Who spit in this deer’s cheerios?

#2: Does this guy have a death wish?

#3: The places people will stick their head for money..


#4: It took us too long to realize this wasn’t a gorilla casually strolling down the beach.

#5: When you wake up the next morning and can’t remember how you got here or what you’re doing with your life.

#6: This guy’s a little too committed to looking like his dog.


#7: When aliens are bad drivers.

#8: Ma’am, we have so many questions.


#9: Who doesn’t like a natural pretzel?

#10: Meet Superthong, the lesser known cousin that Superman doesn’t ever talk about.