Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have those passive-aggressive moments. You know …the times where you’re raging inside your head, but it’s all you can do to muster a “That’s nice,” type of comment. We’ve all been there, though judging from these memes, some have been there more than others!

Take a minute to enjoy all these passive-aggressive memes, and be thankful you’re not on the receiving end!

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28 Passive-Aggressive Memes

#1: The Power of LOL

It always makes it better, right?

#2: #SorryNotSorry

You can always tell when someone is faking it.

#3: Office Signs

It looks laminated, too!

#4: It’s Your Fault

This one is a classic. “It’s not me, it’s you.”

#5: A Little Sarcasm

We all got your point.

#6: Using Kittens for Evil

This doesn’t seem fair to use such a sad kitten pic!

#7: Marriage in the Future?

We wonder if the marriage actually happened. What do you think?

#8: A Group Effort

The dedication here is fantastic.

#9: A Poe Joke

Don’t make the crow angry.

#10: Facebook Drama

We’ve all seen it, and we all shake our heads.

#11: Cute Animal Abuse

It’s another one using cute animals to take a jab!

#12: The Staredown

Master your Don Draper staredown.