31 Memes to Show Just How Much You Love Getting a Great Deal

Saving money almost always creates happiness. Do thrift stores make you giddy? Is it impossible for you to walk past the clearance section? Embrace your frugal habits. After all, half the fun of going shopping is hunting for the deals.

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31 Memes to Show Just How Much You Love a Getting Great Deal

#1: Because you can’t wait for the deals to arrive.

The only bad part about ordering online is having to wait for it to arrive!

#2: Because you’re a thrift shop pro.

Why did Macklemore have to popularize this hobby?!

#3: Because you love a good doorbuster.

Oh, you WILL be successful. You always get your deal.

#4: Because you’re going to get that free shipping!

You needed a new comforter anyway.

#5: Because the pros know after-Christmas deals are the best.

And with your returns, you’re really going to clean up.

#6: Because couponing is smart.

And life got even better when they introduced coupons through apps.

#7: Because double savings baby.

All the best penny pinchers know how to double up on savings.

#8: Because I want my rebate.

But why? Why does it take so long to process?

#9: Because you know the truth.

Puh-lease. We all know it’s going to get to at least 30% off.

#10: Because everyone has their price.

This way, you’ll have more money for shopping deals!

#11: Because it’s not at all extreme.

You can always donate them, right?