It looks like so much fun in the commercials. All those families smile as they stroll hand in hand down the faux streets of the theme park. Nary a one is dealing with a recalcitrant teenager who gives you attitude because you *made” him come. None of those families struggle to keep small children from running off in six different directions in an over stimulated frenzy to get to the next ride. The temperature in those commercials is always temperate rather than sweltering. The lines in those commercials are non-existent rather than 20 miles long. And no one in those commercials seems to bat in eye that an ice cream cone costs the same amount of money as your monthly grocery bill. No, the commercials make it look like the best time in the world. But these memes just may be the reality check you need to keep you, your family, and your wallet safe at home.

32 Amusement Park Moments That May Make You Just Stay Home