Thanksgiving. It’s such an incredible day.

The day after Thanksgiving… Not so much. It’s the day known as Black Friday where most stores have massive sales, enticing huge throngs of people looking for those once-per-year deals they can’t get on any other day.

But it’s not all fun and games. In fact, Black Friday has sent people to hospitals, sent others to jail, and even killed shoppers as they get trampled to death by the stampedes. None of those extreme videos are here, but we have collected 32 Black Friday moments that will certainly make you think twice about going out to try and beat the crowds this Friday (and we mixed a few funny ones in, too).

Whether you love Black Friday shopping, or you’re beyond content to stay cozied up in your bed enjoying the long weekend, this post is for you…

32 Black Friday Moments That Will Make You Wanna Just Stay Home The Day After Thanksgiving

#1 – Thousand Oaks Mall, Urban Outfitters, California, 2011

#2 – Target, Altamonte Springs Florida, 2010

#365DaysToLive – Shoppers Trampled, Target, North Buffalo, 2010

#4 – Cops Break Up Fight, Walmart, 2013

#5 – Just Another Walmart Mob

#6 – Pepper Sprayed, Walmart, 2011

#7 – Phone Mob, Walmart, Moultrie, GA, 2012

#8 – Nobody Showed Up, Brazil

#9 – When Nobody Showed Up in Phoenix

#10 – News Reporter Slips, California, 2013

#11 – Man Falls Behind News Reporter While Shopping, 2012

#12 – Lady Steals a Veggie Steamer from a Kid, 2015

#13 – Fist Fight, Louisville, 2015

#14 – Man Throws Sign, Town East Mall, 2012

#15 – Cops Break Up Mob, Walmart, 2012

#16 – Woman Uses Stun Gun, Philadelphia, 2013