Back in the day your friends were people you talked to, went to the mall with, and whispered secrets to. But Facebook changed all that. Now we can be “friends” with anyone— Aunt Sue, Mark Zuckerberg, that guy you were seriously crushing on back in 6th grade who never even knew your name. All you have to do is push a button to indicate your interest in being friends and without having to do any in-person socializing and depending on how free they are with their friend requests, voila, you’ve become Facebook buds.

And if your faux-friendship isn’t working out because they’re posting opinions you don’t agree with or they’re sharing way too many cat pictures, with another button click you can “unfriend” them without them ever knowing that you did so. Social Media is a bit nuts. And if you weren’t sure that the Facebook game is whacked before, then these 33 funny reminders that poke fun at all of our Facebook craziness will definitely convince you.

33 Crazy Ways That Facebook Is Making Us Weird