Have you ever seen a “face” on a random object and just thought, same? Call it projection, call it imagination — either way, our inanimate little buddies help us relate to the world on a deeper level. Happy, sad, embarrassed, or upset, we can learn a lot about ourselves through the most mundane objects.

33 Inanimate Objects We Relate To a Little Too Well

#1 — When the teacher calls on you and you haven’t been paying attention

#2 — When someone catches you in a lie that got out of hand

#3 — When someone insults your best friend

#4 — When someone says they’ll pick up the tab


#5 — When allergy season hits

#6 — When an injustice gets you all charged up, but you’re grounded

#7 — When everyone looks through you, but someone finally sees you for you

#8 — When the new season of your favorite show is on Netflix


#9 — When you and your bestie see a Hottie McTottie

#10 — When you attempt a new makeup trend

#11 — When you click on a video and you know the waterworks are about to start