Have you ever frantically searched your kitchen for something to drain noodles, only to realize you don’t even own a strainer? I bet you didn’t consider using a tennis racket, did you? Luckily, these less-than-glamorous life hacks will leave you in stitches and might give you some creative solutions to your daily struggles. (Don’t try to find a life hack alternative for stitches, trust us).

33 Life Hacks So Ridiculously Makeshift, We Can’t Help But Laugh

#1 Not even Mom can argue with that logic.

#2 We think it’s time to just get a new clock.

#3 Walmart’s “Save Money. Live Better” slogan is practically an open invitation to steal their shopping carts for backyard BBQ’s.

#4 Props to this dude.


#5 What was that, honey? You wanted a flatscreen?

#6 Serving tennis balls on the court and ravioli in the kitchen.

#7 Look Ma, no hands!

#8 Don’t change the sock, change the foot.


#9 When you’re tired of buying another forking razor.

#10 Not efficient, but effective.

#11 How do we like our eggs? With our coffee.