When your precious five-year-old comes up to you and with those big, beautiful eyes and lisps in their so cute voice that they really want a puppy (insert kitty, bunny, fish, turtle, hamster, etc.), whatcha gonna do? Head to Petsmart or the animal shelter to get that toddler a kitty, that’s what. Because in that moment where you’re awash in the adorableness of your child’s longing for a pet, you probably forgot that pets pee on everything, and keep you up at night, and steal your spot on the bed, and a host of other inconveniences that come with animal stewardship. And at the end of the day, your little tots are never going to take care of “their” pet. So while you’re taking that full grown dog for a walk or cleaning up that disgusting fish tank, you can look at these memes and wish you’d seen them a little sooner.

33 “Maybe I Didn’t Think This Through Memes” For New Pet Owners