It’s the worst when someone invades your bubble, and we all have that one friend (or several) who just can’t seem to grasp the concept of personal space. Commiserate with us, and enjoy these memes with us…over there. Like, way over there. Mmkay?

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Respect the Bubble! 33 Memes for Everyone With a Personal Space Issues

If we can smell you, you’re too close. Got it?

Because you can help us…by taking a few large steps in any direction except toward us.

The pain of this is all too real. Back up…we like you, but have no desire to taste your breath.

It’s fine…this is fine. Breathing is overrated anyway.

Remember when it was time to do jumping jacks in P.E. and everyone swung their arms in big circles to make sure they had enough space? Let’s make that a real-life concept.

At least it’s not Extrovert Kitteh’s butt hole this time.

Seriously…we’ll come out when we’re ready to people. Please leave.

This is no laughing matter, pupper!

One of the more helpful charts we’ve ever seen.

Say it, don’t spray it! But if we can feel it, you’re too close.

Cheese is life. Personal space > cheese. See where we’re going with this?