There are some things worse than a know-it-all, but not many. Whether they’re ruining the plot of your favorite movie by analyzing it to death or going on and on about some trivial nonsense you couldn’t care less about, know-it-alls are just annoying. Except for today. Today we’re gonna roast the know-it-alls for all the misery they cause. So if you’re a know-it-all, and you’re reading this post, you should know that it’s gonna sting a bit.

ALL NEW WAY TO DO IT: Facebook recently made up to 90% of posts from your favorite pages disappear from your feed, filling it with more posts from friends and family. You now have to manually go into your settings and tell Facebook that you want to see posts from individual pages. The good news is, it's easy peasy!

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33 Memes for People Who Can’t Stand Know-It-Alls