33 More of Your Best and Most Awful Creepy Crawly Stories

On the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page, I asked this question:

What was the most disgusting or terrifying incident you’ve ever had involving insects (or other creepy crawly things)?

My worst creepy crawly moment happened in Hawaii. I’d just unpacked my suitcases and cracked open my laptop in my dorm room. I was sitting in my underwear at my computer doing whatever new college freshmen do, when a huge heavy something scurried across my bare feet. I screamed like a woman and lurched away from the desk. Underneath were two giantĀ cockroaches, hooked together in a moment of lust. Above them, the wall was pulsating. I poked it with a shoe andĀ hundreds of massively huge cockroaches scattered in all directions.

I think I spent my entire minimum wage earnings that semester on roach traps. BLEH.

Anyway, here are your replies. They’re like a horrible wreck. You just can’t look away.

Your Best and Most Awful Creepy Crawly Stories