Gifs are hilarious. And you could use a little hilarity in your day, couldn’t you. This collection features a random sampling of lots of different kinds of gifs but they’re all funny. Enjoy!

33 Of The Best Gifs To Get You Laughing

#1: When you really want to impress a guy.

#2: Going from bad to awesomely worse.

#3: When mom’s not looking. Every. Time.

#4: I got this feeling…inside my bones. It goes electric wavy when I turn it on.

#5: Hey, yeah…good job, Me!

#6: When you have to go to work after the weekend.

#7: Shake it off, Taylor.

#8: How many times at work have you wanted to do this?

#9: We know what he really loves.

#10: Well, Sam, looks like I’m first again!

#11: My chair!