It comes ’round every year. Well, sometimes it comes oblong, cream or jelly filled, or even knotted up. Either way, it’s the sweetest day of the year. We’ve got 33 scrumptious memes to make your National Donut Day that much sweeter. So grab a glass of milk and let’s go!

33 Tasty Memes to Celebrate National Donut Day


There definitely aren’t ten things we hate about donuts. Just this one.


Pop quiz later. Should be a piece of cake donut.


Forget romantic love. Someone tell us where we can get that donut.


It’s a skill accumulated over time with patience and practice. You can get there one day if you set your mind to it.


And by “brace yourselves,” we definitely mean grab your favorite beverage to drink with donuts and settle in. It’s going to be a good day.


Veggies don’t carrot all. Donuts are always there for you.


Define “clean.” Like, the donut hasn’t been licked or dropped, right?


The sweetest threat we’ve ever heard; but, shouldn’t it have been “Come at me, dough!”?


Love knows no greater joy than fresh donuts.


If donuts grew on trees, we’d plant an orchard.


Raise your hand if you get more excited about donuts than about Christmas!