We all know that dogs are majestic. Dogs are adventurers. Dogs are hunters, whose skill has no parallel…

Well, maybe not so much.

These next dogs are proof that dogs can be a bit klutzy, as they’ve all found themselves, unfortunately, stuck.

But… they aren’t worried about it. They’re too cool for that. They just need a helping paw before they get right back into their dog days of whatever season they were so recently enjoying.

35 Dogs Who Got Themselves Stuck But Are Playing It Cool


This pupper is just basking in the rays. No worries here.


Stuck? Not Him. He’s just…. stretching.


This is a security dog. The position is clearly to help secure.


This doggo is just waiting for the mailman. No stuck pups here.


This is the optimal TV watching spot. This is on purpose, he promises.


This dog clearly is better at playing swings than the rest of us.


This pupper is practicing his escape skills. Clearly it’s going great.


He waits patiently for your assistance with this matter.


Plot Twist, this dog has dreams of being a goldfish. Nice try, dog.


This is obviously where he is most comfortable and we shouldn’t question that.


The pupper is just checking to see if the grass is greener on the other side. No firm answer yet.


Have you ever seen a LESS bothered face.


This dog is claiming this chair as his. Any sitters on this chair should Beware of Dog.


This dog just wanted to see his best friend, and it’s our fault for denying him that privilege.


This is what happens when the humans don’t share.


He clearly wants to help us win the big game.


This is exactly where he’s supposed to be, why are you making that face?


This dog is being helpful by always providing a place to sit. He’s a good boy.


This dog can walk through walls and we should praise him and respect him.


He isn’t the first to get excited to play and he won’t be the last.


He never trusted that sponge-thing anyway. He did us a favor, he’s sure of it.


This dog is fashion forward and knows the new dog collar trends, obviously.


He’s almost to the top, we shouldn’t stop him now!


Let’s be honest, who would be disappointed opening up a package to see that face?


It is obviously too cold in here which is the only reason I am in this sleeve.


That was expensive wine and he’s just making sure none of it goes to waste.


He’s a trapeze artist and would appreciate a little privacy while he practices.


Nothing gets in this dog’s way to more treats and more kisses.


Just helping clean up, that’s all!


This gate is smaller than it used to be, he swears.


If you can’t tell, he’s hinting that it’s time for a new toy.


It’s a dog eat dog world, and it’s every pupper to himself.


In his last life, he was a monkey.


You caught him in the middle of making a new dress. It’s obviously not finished.


He can hear you talking about him, and he doesn’t appreciate it.

These dogs are innocent, they swear!