I’m an adult. But sometimes I’m *far* from being a grown-up. That’s always most evident to me when I start putting together collections of (almost) completely innocent images like these ones.

So, time to see if you’re both an adult and a grown-up. If you clicked on the link to get here, I’m guessing we’d be fine hanging at the same house parties…

I can knot see what’s so funny about this one.

No matter how you spin the marketing, this doesn’t sound appealing.

Junior-high awesomeness level: 10,000.

I’ve heard these places are great to escape and relieve stress.

An apphole a day keeps the doctor away.

Admit it. You sounded it out. More than once. Then giggled.

To me, the funniest part of this is that it was created via enema.

No kissing on the bus. That’s extra.

I’ve heard it helps you fall asleep to pick a spot on the ceiling and just stare at it.

Decently-sized. Well-built. But a little square for my tastes.

Is this a page out of a Cosmo?

Proof that dinosaurs didn’t die from lack of effort.

Exactly how young is too young to start opening-up our children’s minds?

Logic and science both say this will work just fine.

Ummm. They’re flowers. Chill.

Call me crazy, but shouldn’t this be in the adult toy section?

Yummy, yummy… Not in my tummy.

They say location is everything, but it’s only good if people also notice your business. This one may wanna work on that.

My teachers were right. I would use math my entire life.

If you insist…

It’s safe to say they’re all both growers and showers.

Pokemon go get some.

Pokemon, probably won’t get some after all.

No longer a one-eyed wonder.

I bet this place is so popular that it’s hard to get a D time.

I can’t believe I’m reporting on crap like this.

Good thing there is a sign. I definitely might need to triple-check to make sure I get it right.

All the stalkings were hung in Target with care in hopes that some giggling idiot soon would be there.

You know what they say about the size of a clown’s shoes…

I will not be moving to this neighborhood. Thanks.

The logo makes it three times funnier.

Nature sure has been freaky of late.

There’s more than one way to give someone the gobbler.

How about a shout-out to supportive mothers?

I’d hate to see what happens if it escalates to hurricane status.

So, tell the truth now. Are you an adult? Or just a grown-up?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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