Let’s face it: Inside of all of us is a the desire to have the most fun with as little work as possible. And while sometimes we have to suck it up and just get stuff done, other times we have that light-bulb-over-the-head moment, when you hack your way out of putting in too much effort. When that does happen, it is glorious.

So, to get those lazy brain waves moving, here are 40 times that people were ingeniously lazy.

40 of the Laziest Life Hacks

#1: Who Are We To Disturb Nature’s Plan?

#2: He Still Has To Lift His Hand Up So Only Half Points

#3: It Gets The Job Done Either Way

#4:If The Baby Gets Wheels, So Do I

#5:Honestly, We Don’t Want To See This In Use

#6: We’ve All Done It Before, Don’t Lie

#7: We’re Lucky He’s Walking the Dog At All

#8: He Didn’t Want To Go To the Store In the First Place

#9: He Can Watch It Later In Bed

#10: But Now Where Will The Groceries Go?

#11: We Don’t Get Fast Food Because We Have A Healthy Lifestyle, Buddy

#12: It’s A Cleaning Two-fer!

#13: At Least He’s Standing, Right?

#14: This Is How They Should Always Be Worn From Now On

#15: The Trash Was Too Far Away

#16: I’ll Take the Call But I Have Work To Get Done