40 *More* Awesome Pictures of Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed

Your Kids Caught Red-Handed

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page I asked you to submit pictures of your kids caught red-handed.

The more mischief, the more mess, the more awesome, right? I think so. Enjoy.

Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed


Caught the 15 month old in MARSHMALLOW FLUFF.


She is chugging sprinkles while decorating Halloween cookies.


I told her she couldn’t sleep in my room so she pulled out her sleeping bag and fell asleep right outside my door.


She was higher up when I saw her, and this is her climbing down. Spider monkey ninja.


The diaper cream bandit.


I call this “Fun With Markers.” circa 2011.


I caught my 10 year old son after having a rummage in my makeup bag.


He was always stealing potatoes out from under the sink. I’d walk in and find him just chewing on one.


My son took a red marker and drew all over his sister while she slept.


That is syrup. We couldn’t even use the bathroom after cleaning her up.


Sneaking her brothers’ Nintendo DS. She thought if she couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see her.


Trying to fix herself a cup of coffee.


Guess who got into mommy’s makeup. Again.


“She’s being awfully quiet. Guess she’s playing tablet.” Poor naive me.


She got into the shredded papers I was taking to the recycle bin.


His shirt says it all,” You can’t stop me.”


She took a large pizza off the table, brought it to the other room, and proceeded to eat all the toppings off.


Flour AND sugar. My mistake for leaving both bags within his big sister’s reach.


The airplane paint incident. It instantly solidified in her hair, and she was smurf blue for a week. We had to cut her hair off in patches.


He found the hair paint his brother used for “spirit day” at school.


I sent my son to take a shower in his sister’s bathroom. I opened the door to find him doing this.


My son has a thing for getting stuck in places. This time was when he got stuck in the cat bed and crawled to the hallway from the bathroom.


The day I caught her in the fridge eating a stick of butter.


The guiltiest granddaughter ever.


I caught him poop-handed during nap time. This was a crappy day.


She “cleaned” the bathroom for me. She used the entire can.


Caught her climbing the 6 foot tall cat post.


He said he had to save his airplane.


I heard a crash from the other room. Walked in to find this cutie.


My girls snuck a jar of paint and decided to do each other’s hair.


My peanut, wrist deep in the peanut butter jar.


Standing up in her bouncer. I’m still not sure where her other leg is.


She was getting herself dressed, but it was easier to use dad’s t-shirt.


Caught someone trying to nab a cookie.


I just sent him in to wash his hands…


She cracked 2 dozen eggs one by one. I caught her on the last one.


She is literally just CHUGGING the syrup.


She wanted to be the Elf on the Shelf.


Girl has no shame.


Auntie was watching him while we were at a wedding… She turned her back for two minutes.

Hahaha. You guys and your kids, as always, rock. I love these so much. And I’m definitely glad they were your messes to deal with.

PS. I’ll definitely be doing another more of these and I need your favorite “caught red-handed” pictures of your kids! You can submit yours here.