40 More Awesome Pictures of Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed

Your Kids Caught Red-Handed

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page I asked you to submit pictures of your kids caught red-handed.

The more mischief, the more mess, the more awesome, right? I think so. Enjoy.

Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed


Made the mistake of giving her apple slices and a peanut butter dipper unsupervised. PB facial!


Lipstick at 7 a.m. I wasn’t ready for it.


Mom caught her in the powdered formula…


She was giving it her best try, all on her own!


Walked in to him throwing bean bag fluff everywhere and saying ‘It’s snowing’.


One in the treat cupboard, one in the fridge!


Someone got into mommy’s drawers.


Walked into the house after work to catch him dumping spaghetti on his head. This is the aftermath…


I was making cupcakes for a blood drive. Turn my back to frost the cupcakes…


Lost her for a minute. Pulled back the drapes to see my missing ear buds!


This is what happens when you let your kids play without supervision.


He was trying to get to his new bottle of bath bubbles to pour out. The big splash gave him away.


At least she kept with the color palette.


Moana was getting a bath… in the dog bowl.


Dad, I have to pee…


Mopping the table.


What did I just walk into?


This is what happens when your kids won’t take baths.


Trying to get into the bathroom stuff, failed and got caught.


This is an actual living nightmare.


Someone didn’t want to go to school today.


They got into the cornstarch while I was in the other room. Rolling around making snow angels.


“What’re you looking at?”


Can’t leave boys alone. Not even for a second.


At least it isn’t the walls.


Me too, sister.


She’s asleep, she swears.


My son dug (quite literally) into the pumpkin pie while I was in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving dinner.


My son trying to take the battery out of my motorcycle for his power wheel.


She got into my black cherry hair dye. I even had it hidden. Things moved very high after that. The rug and her onesie were ruined.


That is the face of a boy who knows what exactly what he did.


Dumped a brand new box of elbow macaroni and ran through it over and over. His smile was so big, I couldn’t even be mad about the mess.


“You got a problem?”


The girl is on a mission.


“Shh.. don’t tell mom.”


“No mommy… I didn’t get into the whipped cream. I promise.”


Kids are weird, man.


Peanut butter. It. Was. EVERYWHERE.


Starting them young, apparently.


Escaping through the air vent.

Hahaha. You guys and your kids, as always, rock. I love these so much. And I’m definitely glad they were your messes to deal with.

PS. I’ll definitely be doing another more of these and I need your favorite “caught red-handed” pictures of your kids! You can submit yours here.