40 More Awesome Pictures of Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed

Your Kids Caught Red-Handed

Over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page I asked you to submit pictures of your kids caught red-handed.

The more mischief, the more mess, the more awesome, right? I think so. Enjoy.

Your Kids… Caught Red-Handed


My 15 year old was supposed to be cleaning her room… but she wasn’t obviously because she walked out looking like this.


Caught trying to sneak my phone outside.


Several months ago he got into my makeup. He actually did a really good job! I couldn’t even be mad.


I thought he was napping but he was quietly covering himself and his room with zinc butt cream.


I made a birthday cake for dad… turned around for a second and turned back to this. Asked her if she ate sprinkles, she said no.


My husband and I both fell asleep, and she decided to use watercolor paints (thankfully) to turn herself into a kitty.


I walked into my house and found these two COVERED in chocolate pudding.


Shredded paper mess. The moment these two officially became known as ‘The Tornado Twins’ always getting in trouble together.


Climbed the baby gate and got in the drawer. This is the second time, the first time he scared me.


We could never leave any kind of writing implements around with this child. Everything was a canvas.


Well, not my favorite day, but one I will never forget! Half a bottle of vegetable oil finally got this out.


He got into the fruit and veggie delivery, had little bites out of just about everything.


She is now almost 16 and hates this pic. I’ve told her that it will haunt her forever.