When you think of pinup girls from way back in the day, you probably think of people like Marilyn Monroe. But did you know there was a very popular pinup model named Hilda who was plus-sized and whose pinups were absolutely delightful?

Duane Bryers, the illustrator, was born in 1911 and was responsible for illustrating more than 160 total pinups that featured his favorite subject. Hilda was a plump, pleasing, and energetic redhead who was not shy about showing off her extra curves.

Bryers died in 2012, 30 or so years after his illustrations stopped showing up on calendars and in magazines, but his artwork is truly timeless. Today, we want to celebrate his art by sharing 40 *more* of his amazing pinups. Enjoy.

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40 Gorgeous Illustrations of Hilda: The Forgotten Plus-Size Pinup Girl from the 50s

Collection #2