Do you ever see or hear something that never fails to put you in a bad mood?

Sometimes, my pet peeves can take me from joyful to downright agitated. So I was curious… Does this happen to anyone else, too?

So, over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook, I asked you all:

What is your number one biggest pet peeve?

And as always, you all delivered spectacularly.

Here are some of your amazing replies.

Oh, and if you suddenly stopped seeing most of the SDL posts, you're not alone. Recent changes to what is shown on your wall were implemented, and it's out of our control. To help with this: go to the page and do two things: first, enable "follow," and then make sure you have it set to receive notifications for new posts. Of course, the more you interact with different posts on the page, the more Facebook will show you in the future. Hope this helps!

40 People Share The Biggest Pet Peeve They Have