To a majority of people, Christmas is a holiday for spending time with loved ones, whether it be friends, family, or furbabies. Dogs and cats are not only a popular Christmas addition to the family, but they’re great at celebrating the holidays alongside us. However, not all pets agree that wrapping paper stays on the presents and that lights and ornaments stay on the tree. Here are 40 pets that just couldn’t help themselves.


40 Pets Who Got A Little TOO Into The Christmas Spirit

#1: This Cat Who Loves Playing Hide and Seek

#2: This Kitty Who Doesn’t Trust Shiny Tall Things

#3: This Dog Who Loves Christmas So Much He Gave It A Hug

#4: This Pup Whose Owners KNOW Not To Put Decorations At The Bottom of the Tree

#5: This Cat Who Just Wants to Nap

#6: These Cats Who Will Get Into Anything If They Think They Can Eat It


#7: This Cat Who Has A Godzilla Complex

#8: This Dog Who Just Couldn’t Wait for Christmas Day

#9: This Puppy Who Doesn’t Have Any Idea What Happened to the Tinsel

#10: This Doggo Who Just Wants To Help Wrap

#11: This Pupper Who Thinks If He Can’t See You, You Can’t See Him

#12: This Dog Who Just Wants To Be Part of the Christmas Card Too


#13: This Puppy Who Needs His Present NOW

#14: This Ruff-ian Who Can’t Wait To See What Santa Got Him

#15: This Pupper Who Wants Santa To Know He’s OK With Being on the Naughty List

#16: This Dog Who Is Patiently Waiting To Get Unwrapped