Being a good person is a pretty universal aspiration. Who wouldn’t want to be a good person? And yet, sometimes it can seem like a tall order. We get wrapped up in our own stuff and forget to see the everyday opportunities for doing good. It’s happened to me, and I bet it’s happened to you–and that’s why we put together this list of 41 ways to be a good human this holiday season. Being good isn’t hard, it just takes a little effort.

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41 Ways to Be a Good Human This Holiday Season

Foster a pet.

Maybe you aren’t able to care for a pet full-time, or maybe you’re not sure if you’re cut out for it. Fostering gives you the ability to show a furry friend some love when shelters are experiencing a huge overload and gives an animal a cozy place to stay.

Donate your crafting to charity.

Whether you knit warm things or make lovely things to look at, donate them to charity and let someone less fortunate benefit from your talent.

Run (or walk) a 5K for a cause you care about.

Raise money for something that matters to you and get moving at the same time. Win-win.

Donate books to a domestic violence shelter.

Kids and adults alike appreciate a good book, especially when reality is hard to bear.

Skip the Facebook fight.

Choose relationships over another pointless debate.

Hold a dessert drive.

Organize a drive for treats like chocolates, candy, and cake mixes for the food bank and give someone a sweeter celebration.

Babysit–for literally ANYONE.

Parenting is exhausting and babysitters are expensive. Take a friend’s kid(s) for a while so they can feel like a person again.

Scrape the ice off your neighbor’s windshield.

You know you’d be stoked if someone did that for you. So do it for them.

Walk a dog for someone who can’t.

Illness and injury can make properly walking a dog impossible, but doggos have energy to burn regardless. Give a person and their pet some relief by volunteering to help.

Have your kids write thank you notes to overlooked staff.

Acknowledging the efforts of janitors, office staff, bus drivers, and the like is a good life lesson. Besides, anyone who deals with that much puke and whining deserves a thank you note, if not a medal.

Donate your skills.

Whether you code, write, bake, build, or analyze, there’s a deserving organization or person out there who could benefit from your skills. Offer them up for an afternoon.

Help someone with a disability decorate for the holidays.

Decking the halls can be difficult for someone who has physical limitations. Help make things festive and then come back at the end of the season to clean it up.

Take a lonely friend as your holiday party date.

Skip the significant other and invite a friend who’s in need of some company.