We’re all normal.

And when I say normal, I mean that we’re all crazy, and strange, and really weird. All that is normal.

I myself have my oddities. I have weird things I do that nobody else knows about. And that got me to thinking. Would other people fess up and confess their own weirdnesses if I gave them an anonymous place to do it?

There was only one way to tell. So, I setup an anonymous form on my website with only one question:

"What is the weirdest thing you do that you never tell anyone else about?"

Your (completely anonymous) answers have making me feel weirdly normal ever since. Enjoy.

50 All-New Anonymous Weird Confessions

50 All-New Anonymous Weird Confessions

Gosh, you’re a bunch of delightful weirdos. It was definitely time I brought Weird Confessions back. If you’d like to submit a weird confession (completely anonymously), you can do that here.

From Single Dad Laughing