#34 — Blondes have more fun

#35 — Adventure buddies furever

#36 — Snuggle buddies for life

#37 — Polar opposites attract

#38 — Love that isn’t far-fetched

#39 — From wee babes to forever bros


#40 — Forever fluff-ball

#41 — Not fat, just fluffy

#42 — Is there anything as pure as a boy and his dog?

#43 — Unlikely friendships

#44 — Panda-monium of cuteness

#45 — The boss of the office


#46 — Perma-fluffer

#47 — The most determined husky

#48 — Love is no monkey business

#49 — Seriously, we’re not monkeying around

#50 — Poppy the Pupper

Hope you feel all sorts of warm, fuzzy, and nostalgic now. Go hug your fur baby!

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