Over the years, there is a tendency to forget about some of the random odds and ends you collect. Sometimes, these things tend to be more “odd” than typical.

I wanted to see what you guys have in your home that doesn’t make any sense. So, over on the Single Dad Laughing Facebook Page, I asked you to:

Go take a picture right now of the one thing in your house that you have no idea why you’ll keep forever around.

Quite honestly, I never expected what I got back. These were your (amazing) responses.


50 Things You’ll Never Get Rid Of, But Don’t Know Why


Hard hat and work boots that belonged to my ex husband who passed away in 2016. I have no “real” use for them. Only to remind me to work hard and stay strong for our 3 children.


I found this in an Antique store when I was stationed in Fort Campbell, and I just love it. Doesn’t match anything in my house, it just makes me happy.


This is a ceramic piece, about the size of a half deflated volleyball. It was a final gift at a white elephant exchange about 10 years ago. This thing is ugly! But it’s been out, in plain view, every day since. On an end table or coffee table… even an entertainment center or on top of my dresser. Why? Because I have no idea.


See that scrunched up tissue over there? It’s been there for days. Now I keep my place pretty clean, but once in a while I’ll procrastinate picking something up. I’ll look at it a hundred times and say, “I really need to pick that up” but I don’t. Eventually I will.


A rock. Found on a beach. It’s actually a brick that has been worn down by the waves. It’s been on the kitchen windowsill for YEARS. We moved this fall and it went right back on the windowsill in the new kitchen.


My youngest child is 10 years old, and yet…


Stupid Christmas cactus. It’s like, 150 years old and it was passed on to me about 5 years ago. It only looks like this for about 3 weeks out of the whole year otherwise it’s this ugly brown bush looking thing and it weighs a ton. I’ve tried to kill it but it always comes back.


I was going to say I didn’t have one because I’ve done a great job minimizing my life, but then I remembered these…


These damn water beads (Orbeez I think is the name). I keep adding water to them for no reason! No one plays with them… my kids are in college so they aren’t playing with them! They just sit there!


A bib I wore when I was a baby. My grandma always kept it for some reason so I’ve always had it since she passed away.


This little magic lamp and tiny sword came with the house when we moved in 6 1/2 years ago. I guess I’ve kept the lamp hoping a genie would come out and clean the kitchen or something.


The shirt my dad wore to the hospital the day before he died. It’s been over 10 years. No idea why I keep it.


Honey bear! He’s been around since I was a kid. He’s been tossed in the trash more times than I can count but for some reason I always rescue him.


My mother-in-law gave it to me. Its moved with me everywhere. It serves no purpose… it just is.


From a sweet, sweet man given to me 30-ish years ago. He was waiting outside my apartment with this and 2 pints of my favorite ice cream. He has since passed away.


I was given this the day I was born by a nurse at the hospital. Won’t get rid of it… It’s so creepy.